Christian Life Coaching for Women

Do you need to give yourself a break from—

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Regret and false guilt
  • Self-imposed rules
  • Messy emotions
  • Dead religion
  • The pressure to perform
  • Controlling relationships…
so that you can be all God created you to be?
In the physical realm, sometimes we need doctors and nurses. Other times we need physical therapy to strengthen our weak or vulnerable areas.
While counseling often looks back and deals with healing injuries, coaching is more forward focused. Like a sports coach, a life coach will help you strengthen the weak areas in your life and fine tune your strengths.

Many women tend to be hard on themselves and focus on their flaws. Debbie Wilson helps women—especially overachievers—give themselves a break so they can enjoy grace-filled lives.

For over 40 years I’ve had the privilege of helping women of all ages experience God in their problems and discover the peace and joy that come from renewed faith. I’m available to help you make healthier choices for a better life. As a certified Linked personality guide, I’ll show you how to use your strengths to maximize life connections. You can take the Linked Personality assessment free here.

Life coaching is offered on the same basis as our counseling.

  1. Schedule a call.
  2. Discuss your needs and desires.
  3. Determine if we’re a good fit.