Coaching for Writers and Speakers​

“The words of the wise prod us to live well. They’re like nails hammered home, holding life together. They are given by God, the one Shepherd” (Ecclesiastes 12:11-14 The Message).

Are you exploring the idea of becoming a speaker or writer? Are you a seasoned writer who’s hit a roadblock and needs a fresh perspective?

Debbie will help you:

  • Craft a clear and compelling message
  • Identify your audience
  • Brainstorm your ideas
  • Become a clearer communicator
  • Develop your personal brand and discover your authentic voice

Writer/Speaker Coaching Sessions

Allow an hour for sessions. Coaching sessions will be conducted by phone, Zoom, or face-to-face.

If the client or coach feels the mentoring partnership is not beneficial for the client, coaching can be curtailed at any time.

Are you one who can tell your story but have a hard time putting it in writing? Debbie can also serve as a “Book Doctor” by reworking your words to make them flow.  

Contact Debbie here.

Online Course: You Can Write a Book available here.

What Others Have Said:

As I spoke to Debbie about what I assumed were small concerns, the confusion in my heart spilled out. Debbie listened and offered insight and direction, which enabled me to make positive steps forward. I am grateful to have found such a wise guide.” Amy S., Colorado

Debbie was able to take my duffle bag full of jumbled ideas, my writing topics and goals, ask me the right questions, and somehow repeat and coalesce this content into solid matter I could utilize. She kept the thread of our sessions alive, helped me set short-term goals, and served as a great advisor and encourager. I gained some good traction and courage to get started speaking. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her again.”— Fiction writer, Jennifer O., Florida

The mark of a great coach is how the coach moves from point A to B. Debbie made me feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable from the very beginning. Her warmth disarmed my initial hesitation to open up which led to more in-depth conversations. She helped me see things a little differently. Through our brainstorming sessions, she showed me why certain details mattered to my project. I highly recommend Debbie as a coach; her guidance and wisdom will move your project along faster.” — Connie A., Florida